lisan dierkx


Being fascinated, but more frustrated about the way of thinking of the 'most hated family of America' I made this work. The family was portrayed by documentary maker Louis Theroux. The documentary is about the  members from the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) also known as the family Phelps,. The church is Christian fundamentalist in character, and seems particularly exercised over the issue of homosexuality. This for instance led their members to protest at the funerals of American soldiers, believing their deaths to be punishment from God for a nation which tolerates same-sex relationships.

In response to their rude way of protesting I created my own protest set to use against the family. I made t-shirts, protest signs, announcements and more. By using their style and bending their texts on protest signs I mock what they do. In their signs they make really weird references to the bible, it is just about how they intepretated it. So I did the same in my signs, for instance the 'God doesn't believe in you'-sign references to the ten commandments.

*Not ment offensive to religions in general, only to the WBC

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